Meet Kenneth KROGSETH, BIM specialist & coordinator from Norway !

Meet Kenneth KROGSETH, BIM specialist & coordinator from Norway !

I am so excited to start the weekly interviews "Member of the week", every week we will meet a new member and talk with him about BIM but not only, his job, missions, used software and platforms, BIM in his country and also his hobbies :)

For this first edition we will talk with the very gentle "BIM friend" Kenneth KROGSETH, so lets start !

My name is Kenneth Krogseth and I am 27 years. I live in Oslo in Norway together with my girlfriend Elise. I work at Sweco as a BIM specialist/coordinator.

How did you discovered and started in BIM ?

In Norway we have an own study for education of BIM technicians. I graduated there the summer in 2013.

What are your actual projects and missions ?

I work in Sweco in Oslo. Sweco has an own department called BIMLab, where I work together with 7 other colleagues. We are a BIM department who work with strategy, development, BIM implementation, modeling and BIM coordination and many other things.

We are also largely involved in shaping the evolution of BIM in Norway. Among other things, we are working to develop the new Statsbygg BIM Manual 2.0. It is a standard for all government construction and real estate projects, but is also a standard requirement documents that is being used in most BIM projects in Norway today.

Since January 2014, I have work on a big project called "Prosjekt Nytt Nasjonalmuseum", that`s the projecting and building of a new national museum in Oslo. I work there as a BIM coordinator for a German architect firm called Kleihues - Schuwerk. It is a big project and all the participants are located together in a project office in Oslo. My task is to coordinate all the architect's BIM processes and ensure that the model meets the requirements set.


What's your favourite software Kenneth ?

I use Solibri Model Checker a lot in my work. It is a nice tool for quality assurance of properties in the model, as well as clash control. I also use it as a tool for controlling simple processes we have in the project. There are dozens of possibilities in Solibri, which I not can find in other similar software.


What about BIM in Norway ?

I think Norway has come a long way in the development of BIM in Norway. From here, I see many good projects and things that are being done in other countries, but it is difficult to see how it is in the big picture throughout the country. In Norway. there is still also a long way to go, but with good guidelines and standards the road will be easier.

Do you have any hobbies (other then Solibri and 3d models of course :) ?

When I am not working, I like to relax with my girlfriend and friends. I also love sports, especially football and cycling. I cycle a lot in the summer, along the road and in terrain.



You joined the BIMfriends community some months ago, what do you think about it ?

I love the BIMfriends community ! There are many good forums and websites around the net, but I feel BIMfriends stand out by having a very wide range with everything. I think BIMfriends has big potentials to achieve a large network for sharing experiences and ideas worldwide.


We would to thank you Kenneth for this interview, we really appreciate talking with you !
We will continue following you here, do not hesitate to share with us your BIM stories, good luck !


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