Meet Denis TOKAREV - BIM manager and MEP modeller from Ukraine

Meet Denis TOKAREV - BIM manager and MEP modeller from Ukraine

Hello everybody, this is already our second weekly interview "Member of the week", i have the big pleasure to talk with our (BIM) friend Denis TOKAREV from Ukraine, as mentioned in the title he is a BIM manager and also MEP specialist modeller, he joined us some months ago early in November 2015.

As usual, we will discover how he discovered BIM and start his career, what solutions he is using, its project especially in MEP, his daily missions, the state of BIM and its maturity in Ukraine and other topics ! So lets start.

How did you discovered and started your BIM career ?

During school time I have been participating in the construction of a country house, pergola design, improvement of the adjacent territory and vertical planning. I even made drawings of cabinets and tables. At that time I was already thinking about the river water purification systems and construction of swimming pools.

When it came time to choose where to go, I have chosen our Kyiv National University of Engineering and Construction. And I have chosen the most extensive specialization for myself - City development chair.

Already during my studies I have heard about the existence of the term "sustainable development" and found the slogan: "The reconstruction of the environment - the reconstruction of consciousness". During the study period, I got hands-on experience in building structures, masonry, and the whole complex equipment of buildings and structures.

At the beginning of my professional activity, I gained experience in the operation of buildings and structures, and even then we discussed with my boss building with the possibility of tracking the entire cycle of its existence. About BIM I learned in just a few years.

What are your actual missions and projects ?

Actually I'm working with the MEP specialists team and here I am combining a lot of different functions. Since 2012, our team has performed more than 10 facilities in the BIM environment and CDE, some of them you can find here. My mission is to create a comfortable environment.

During my time in BIM environment I had a lot of projects with different complexity and degree of involvement, here are some of them :

Of course nothing would have happened without a team of professionals who surround me :)

What solutions are you using in your daily projects ?

My main and favourite software is Revit, but i am using ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Navisworks and any program which helps and supports the design and construction. From the built-in standard software operating systems to services written specifically for those or other needs.

What about BIM in Ukraine and a comparison with BIM in Europe ?

At this moment, the majority of companies do not have a full understanding of the value of BIM technology. And there are no training programs for their employees. 

That is why a group of experienced specialists has launched the BIM Council Ukraine, the platform for promoting technology, exchanging of experiences and advising services for implementation and maintenance BIM. We are only in the beginning of the way !

I believe that it is time to form a single hosting environment facilities and standardization of documentation for all of us.

You are an exciting man, you have certainly a lot of hobbies ?

For all of my life I am trying something new : there were martial arts, swimming, horseback riding, sewing and tailoring, tennis, and guitar playing. I have several collections of coins, stamps, magnets, badges and business cards. But now I do not have much time and I prefer – urban hikes, bike travel, snowboarding, camping and recently auto quests. And of course now my work is my main hobby :)

You joined the BIM friends community many months ago, what do you think about it ?

My point of view is that you can make the Professional social network and it could be something similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. There could be some changes :

  • Specialists segmentation.
  • Personal pages for portfolio, like "Portfoliobox".

I would like to take part in the concept developing !

Thank you Denis for taking the time to answer our questions and for sharing with us those wonderful photos, for your suggestion too. it was a real pleasure to talk with you and discover how are "BIMing" !

We will continue following you with the community, do not hesitate to share with us your achievements !

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